I should have been excited about getting ready to celebrate my 26th birthday, but I had bigger things on my mind. I was trying desperately to escape a bad relationship and found out I was pregnant.  I was already divorced and raising a toddler on my own, and this just blew me away.  I loved my daughter more than life and couldn’t even consider having an abortion.

I kept thinking to myself,  How could a person like me get in a position like this? I considered myself a strong, intelligent and independent woman. But I knew I could not provide for another child.

Adoption wasn’t something I was completely sold on. The one picture that came to mind was my child being whisked away and someone hunting me down 20 years later. But after many months of denying responsibility, I called Miriam’s Promise. All I wanted to do was ask some questions and hear the answers, and that was exactly what I received. There was no pushing or persuading about my decision, and that made me feel comfortable and in control.

I ended up reading many adoptive couples’ biographies and seeing their pictures. I chose a couple to meet, and almost immediately, I knew this was the couple I wanted to raise my baby. We had the opportunity to get to know each other, go to dinners, and go to doctors’ appointments together. When the time came for the actual birth of my son, they were by my side. They gave me the support I needed and I gave them the experience that they couldn’t achieve on their own.  The days following were the hardest I’ve ever had to go through, but the agency was there for me when I truly needed them.

Until you’re in this position or some related form of it, you can’t understand how important that support is. I’ve had the opportunity to be very close with the adoptive couple I chose, so I realize how much Miriam’s Promise has done for both sides. God has given me the chance to give birth to a healthy beautiful son who I was unable to provide for. I was then introduced to a strong, fabulous couple. Miriam’s Promise brought us together, and I will always be indebted to them.