content-warning: sexual assault

Jessica called us early in her second pregnancy knowing she needed support. She was already the mother to a teenager, and this was not a planned pregnancy—Jessica had been sexually assaulted.

Her pregnancy was full of turmoil, not only emotionally, but also physically as she experienced nausea and lethargy throughout her first trimester.

Although Jessica has a full-time job with benefits, she had already used most of her paid time off before the pregnancy, so most of the days she stayed home sick from work were unpaid. Additionally, Jessica’s first trimester coincided with the beginning of her daughter’s new school year, and she fell behind on rent payments as she purchased uniforms and a meal plan to prepare her daughter for school.

Jessica never asked Miriam’s Promise for financial assistance, but we did connect her with other resource agencies in town who helped her pay necessary bills.

She has decided to place her baby for adoption and has been attending counseling sessions with Miriam’s Promise to process the emotional hardships she is facing. Once her baby is born, we’ll also help Jessica work through the legal process of adoption with the family she has chosen.