I have always dreamed of being a mother but not right now! I was supposed to get pregnant only after getting married, buying a house, and of course securing my dream job. Yet here I am just broken up with, barely affording my rent, and working full time at a coffee shop. How am I supposed to care for a child when I can barely take care of myself?

I would have preferred to terminate the pregnancy, but I knew that I couldn’t in the state of Tennessee after the ban in 2022. So, I thought making an adoption plan for my baby was my only option. So, I reached out to Miriam’s Promise. I was hesitant because they say they are judgment-free and options-based, but what if that wasn’t true?

I met with a Pregnancy Counselor who really cared about me. She listened to my story, and she even offered me a tissue when I inevitably cried about it all. She presented all of my options, and I was surprised that she thought I could parent my child. She said there were many assistance programs out there, and that Miriam’s Promise would be able to help me parent my baby. So, that’s what I did.

With the help of my Pregnancy Counselor, I was able to find rental and bills assistance, and I was able to get connected with organizations that are helping me with diapers, baby clothes, and a crib! I know my journey isn’t over yet, but I know I’m not alone on it thanks to Miriam’s Promise.