Domestic Agency Adoption

Miriam’s Promise, a licensed, non-profit child-placing agency in Middle Tennessee, can walk with you every step of the way in domestic agency adoption. Parents wanting to adopt infants and children born in the United States can receive adoption education, adoption counseling, home studies, placement services and post-placement services. Miriam’s Promise is an equal opportunity agency and does not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


Adoption 101: Adoption education

Adoption 101 is a 10 hour home study group that typically occurs twice a year. It includes six to eight couples, and covers topics such as legal processes, birthparent issues and talking to your child about adoption. Successful completion is required before a home study can be approved, as it ensures families are aware of the issues in adopting and raising an adopted child. Miriam’s Promise also offers Adoption 201, which focuses on second child adoption; and extended family training, a three-hour program for relatives and friends of waiting families.

Adoption counseling

Our staff is experienced in helping families walk through the unique emotional issues involved in adopting a child. We offer prospective parent counseling and support through adoption finalization and beyond.

Domestic home study

A home study is required for all adoptions in Tennessee. Once a potential adoptive family completes the home study group meetings, fills out required forms, goes through individual and joint interviews, and hosts a home visit, the home study report will be written. That’s when the family will be deemed eligible for a child placement.

Placement services

Once you’ve become an approved potential adoptive family, Miriam’s Promise will help you write “Dear Birth Mother” letters, compile picture pages, and create a resume to be presented to birthparents. The average wait time for a child is two to three years, but each situation is unique. After a child is placed in your family, Miriam’s Promise will continue supervisory visits for a minimum of six months, and then file a written report with the court recommending the adoption.

Older child adoption

Miriam’s Promise also offers free counseling to birth families considering an adoption plan for a child older than one year. Interim care is provided for the child if needed until an appropriate adoptive family is identified and prepared.