Domestic Independent Adoption

In some cases, birth mothers and adoptive families work out independent adoption agreements without the assistance of an agency. In these cases, Miriam’s Promise can be of service. We offer home studies, post-placement supervision and independent adoption counseling.Miriam’s Promise is an equal opportunity agency and does not discriminate based on race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Domestic home study

Tennessee law requires that the potential adoptive family must undergo a home study and receive approval from a licensed child-placing agency like Miriam’s Promise before the family accepts a birthmother’s surrender of parental rights and/or before a petition to adopt may be filed.  This will involve an intake meeting with a caseworker, individual interviews, a home visit and the submission of required forms and  documentation. In the case of short notice, Miriam’s Promise can complete a preliminary home study good for 30 days, after which a full home study must be completed and submitted to the court, in accordance with state law. Miriam’s Promise is also licensed to write home studies for step-parent and embryo adoptions.  

Adoption counseling

Miriam’s Promise offers prospective adoptive parent counseling, birth parent counseling and counseling for adopted children. We provide nurturing support and a empathetic ear to all involved in the adoption process.

Post-placement services

Tennessee state law requires post-placement supervision for any adoption. Miriam’s Promise can provide this service, even if another agency completed the home study or you adopted from another agency or in another state. A minimum of one visit per quarter is required until the adoption is finalized, a minimum of six months after placement.