Alison & Noah

Allison and Noah are currently matched.

We are Alison and Noah of Nashville, Tennessee.  Since our marriage in 2015, we have wanted nothing more than to become parents, and fulfilling this through adoption would be a dream come true.   

Alison is a middle school teacher- librarian who has dedicated her career to working with kids.   She loves reading (especially Project LIT books), Zumba, sewing, board games and spending time with friends and family. 

Noah is a Nashville native and an entrepreneur who works from home selling textbooks and rare media.  His passions include music, cooking, art, and enjoying experiences with family, especially his two sisters and many cousins.  

We are both avid Nashville Predators hockey fans and love to travel.  We make as many trips to Kentucky, Michigan and New England to visit extended family as we can, and in between those visits, we love exploring new places just the two of us. 

We bought our dream home in 2017 and (when pandemics are not going on) love hosting parties—especially our annual Halloween bash!  We live within 30 miles of each of our parents and all but one of our siblings.  We spend lots of time with family, including extended family, and especially our niece and nephew who live in Kentucky.  

Education is incredibly important to both of us.  Both of us have advanced degrees and both of our careers center around books.  In fact, Noah brought Alison a bag of books as a gift on our very first date, and so a love of reading is something we definitely hope to instill in our future child.

Though we do not belong to a faith group, we have very strong values instilled in us through our families and experiences.  Noah’s family is culturally Jewish and we celebrate both Christian and Jewish holidays, which is something we have shared with other kids in our lives, and plan to continue with our own child. 

We have a wonderful group of friends, many of whom also have young families and we look forward to watching our child bond with their kids and seeing those friendships blossom.  

We know that parenthood is a huge job, but it is one we have longed for.  We are financially stable and have a solid marriage and are looking forward to the joy a child will add to our lives.  Helping a child grow and thrive is one of the most important things a person can do, and we are fully committed to this journey.