Aman & Khanh

Aman & Khanh are currently matched.

Hello! We are Aman and Khanh. We have been married since 2018. We hold successful careers as an Engineer and a Doctor of Optometry. We are fortunate to have settled in the booming and diverse community of Rutherford County. We have one of the best public school systems in TN. Education is very important to us and we want our child to be prepared for whatever career they are passionate about. We also believe that a healthy mind cannot exist without a strong and healthy body. We live a very active lifestyle in which we maintain a daily exercise routine.  We love spending time in the great outdoors hiking, rock climbing, camping and kayaking. In addition to maintaining an active lifestyle, both of us keep a healthy diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables and healthy protein as well. When our child is of the right age, we hope to instill in them the same passion for learning and healthy lifestyle. 

We are confident that we can comfortably provide for all of our child’s needs. Both of us were brought up in close knit families, therefore we understand the importance of having a close family with parents and grandparents. Our families are very supportive of us and have taught us to face parental decisions together. We are certain that challenges we may face as parents, we will stay strong with the support of our families and friends.

We understand that placing a child with an adoptive family is an incredibly difficult decision to make, and we honor the bravery and compassion it took for you to make this decision for your child. You are giving us the opportunity to become parents, which is one of the greatest gifts someone could offer. We sincerely thank you and look forward to meeting you!