Jennifer & Clay

Hello! We are Jen and Clay, and this is our story. We met in 2012 in grad school while working together on the student body leadership team. At first we were just friends, but it quickly became clear to Clay (and shortly after, Jen too!) that we were meant to be together. Clay instantly saw Jen as a delightful presence that everyone loved to be around. Jen saw Clay as someone who could be friends with anybody. After a brief engagement we had a joyful day surrounded by friends & loved ones as we tied the knot in 2015! 

Family and friends have always been important to us. We treasure time spent making memories with the ones we love. You can often find us exploring new restaurants, enjoying nature, hosting a game night, or having a good chat over coffee. Our faith in Jesus is also incredibly important to us both. He has seen us through good and bad times, and we are so thankful for His faithful love! In 2021 we moved to Tennessee and we’ve loved every minute of it! Jen works as an Executive Assistant at a local church and Clay works in HR & Finance. 

We both have always dreamed of the day when we would become parents. Because family is so important to us, we knew we wanted to have a family of our own one day. We weren’t sure how we would become parents, but were open to exploring adoption as a way to grow our family. What we look forward to the most is the day-to-day routine of raising a little one; tucking them into bed with a story and a hug, playing hide and seek, and dinnertime with family. 

We understand that considering adoption for your child is an incredibly difficult decision to make. We are humbled by your strength and courage to choose this for your child. Please know that you are loved and appreciated and we are so grateful you are considering us as a potential family for your child. We look forward to meeting you and sharing more about us and our families. We pray God’s peace is with you during this season.