Leanne & Dale

Leane & Dale are currently matched.

Hi, we are Dale and Leanne.

While we are gleeful you are taking the time to read this letter to learn a little about us, we want you to first and foremost know that we understand and respect the decision you are trying to make. We hope to show how much we desire the chance to become parents more than anything else. Our hope is you will see the vision through us you are looking for in your child’s future.

We met through work and hit it off instantly. We were married in 2005 after a two-and-a-half-year courtship. After a couple of years married, we chose to try and have children of our own. Through that time span we discovered issues with infertility from both sides and after suffering a miscarriage found out it wasn’t going to be possible for us to have biological children. After our hearts healed, we sat down to look at other ways to make our dreams of being parents come true and that is how we came to want to adopt.

We live about thirty minutes from Nashville. When we decided to purchase our home, having a family-oriented community was at the top of our list and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. We have a nice sized yard that is fenced where we envision a play set with a swing one day. Our neighborhood has lots of things for children of all ages to do from playgrounds to walking & bike paths to basketball & soccer areas. Each holiday there is something fun planned for the children to come out and do such as Fireworks on the 4 th of July, Easter Egg hunts, Christmas Parades with our very own Santa Clause (and Mrs. Clause). Halloween is also huge in our neighborhood. We usually pull the fire-pit to the driveway, invite all our friends and family over to trick or treat and have chili dogs while roasting s’mores over the fire. We love being able to hang out with family and friends and share life together, even when there isn’t a holiday you will often find us having a cookout on the weekend just to enjoy time together.

Leanne was born and raised not far from where we live now. While both of her parents have passed away, she does have a brother who has four children, 2 girls ages 16 & 11 and a set of twin boys aged 5. Leanne loves to spend time going and watching their cheerleading competitions and softball games along with playing outside with the boys. When Leanne isn’t being an awesome aunt, you will most likely find her cuddled on the couch watching a movie or riding her 4-wheeler. She also likes to grab a cup of coffee and hit the backroads in her Jeep for a relaxing drive to explore other little towns both near and far.

Dale was born in Kansas but moved with his family to Tennessee when he was in High School. To him, that transition at 16 was a little shocking but he did well to adapt to the changes. Dale is a car enthusiast and loves to go to car shows or hang out with his car buddies. He grew up around men who knew how to work on any type of car and taught him how to do the same. One of his fondest memories with his dad was just a couple of years ago when they bought a car pulled from a barn and rebuilt it from the ground up. Once they were finished, he gave the car to his dad who still has it and drives it today. When Dale isn’t doing something car related, you will also find him on adventures exploring little towns with Leanne or on his 4-wheeler.

Something we love to do together is trail ride on our 4-wheelers. This usually involves a weekend of camping, sometimes alone and sometimes with others. We also like to travel to different places and experience new things. We love to explore and hope to one day share that with our little one.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about us. We recognize the enormity of the decision you are facing and if, after reading about us, you have further questions that we can answer for you, we are happy to do so in any way that makes you comfortable. We have provided our counselor at Miriam’s Promise with a photo-book that also tells a little about our story through pictures. Please know that you and your baby are being prayed for no matter the decision you make. Thank you again for taking the time to read our profile.

With Love & Admiration,
Dale & Leanne