Rebekah & Luke

Thank you so much for reading our letter. We are incredibly honored to be considered as adoptive parents and very excited to think that every day is one day closer to our dream of building a family!

Our journey began as children who grew up in a small town in middle Tennessee with humble beginnings, strong family relationships, and faith in Jesus. Even before we became high school sweethearts, Christ was the core of our lives individually. Following the Lord continues to this day in our marriage and pursuits, and will always be the greatest calling for our family. We believe his hand has guided us through challenging times trying to build a family and has led us in his will to this special desire to become adoptive parents.

We enjoy adventure and creative work, ministering in our community in Nashville, and we serve in missions around the world as often as we can. We care about a strong work ethic, being good stewards of our resources, and using our talents for God’s kingdom. His Spirit of love keeps us strong as a couple and we greatly look forward to sharing that with children in His perfect time! When that day comes, this will be our first little one to be joining a family who has long awaited their joyful arrival. He or She will be loved for who they are from birth, greeted with gentle energy every day by a sweet pup named Piper, and celebrated by a host of extended family and friends – who are praying for them even before this all begins. We will all praise the Lord for his miraculous grace!