Sarah & James

Sarah & James are currently matched.

Hello! We’re James and Sarah, and we’re absolutely thrilled to open our hearts and share a glimpse into our lives with you.

Our journey together began in childhood, surrounded by the playful banter of our parents, who jokingly predicted we’d always be each other’s prom dates. As fate would have it, they were spot on!

From high school sweethearts to college graduates, our bond only grew stronger despite our long distance relationship. In 2017, James proposed, and soon after, we exchanged vows in the same quaint church where our parents first crossed paths.

Life led us to Nashville, TN, where James pursued his career in auto damage assessment, and Sarah delved into her passion for music, earning a Master’s in Classical Clarinet Performance. Now, she spends her days as a dedicated Band Instrument Repair Technician.

Our faith and community at church have been pillars of support, introducing us to cherished friends who’ve become like family. Whether we’re lending a hand in the children’s ministry or embarking on DIY adventures, our days are filled with laughter and shared moments.

Our hearts are set on offering a home overflowing with love, laughter, and boundless opportunities for a child to flourish. We’re committed to nurturing their growth and celebrating their unique journey. Should you choose, we’re eager to embrace an open and honest relationship, enriching their understanding of their heritage and the love that brought us all together.

Your courage and strength inspire us, and we’re deeply honored for the opportunity to walk this path alongside you. Whatever path you choose, know that your child will forever be cherished and celebrated as a testament to your unwavering love.

With heartfelt gratitude and boundless love,

James and Sarah