Post-Adoption Services

Proving support for you and your family post-adoption.

Post-Adoption Services

Some might consider
adoption an “end.”
We see it as only the

Miriam’s Promise provides a safe haven for children, parents and families who are going through a difficult time. All of our counselors hold advance degrees and have years of experience working with both adopted and non-adopted children.


Search & Reunion Counseling

Searching for your biological family can be scary and ripe with possibilities. We can work with you on the logistics of conducting a search in addition to the mental work that needs to be done to prepare for the journey. Counseling is available for both children and adoptive parents.

Parental Coaching

All adoptions are created from trauma and a break in attachment. Our counselors can provide parental coaching through Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). We can assess your situation and provide a holistic approach in order to make healthy, long-term attachments.

Child Counseling

Miriam’s Promise offers a counseling program designed to assist children and their families as they navigate the difficulties that can be experienced in childhood. As children grow cognitively and mature emotionally, questions and issues about their adoption often surface. Children who were adopted when they were older often deal with grief and loss of their birth family or previous environment and need therapy that promotes attachment in their new home. Adoptive parents need the education and support necessary to provide an environment for their child that is conducive to their growth and development. A thorough assessment is done to asses each child’s individual situation before deciding on a comprehensive treatment plan. We offer specialized counseling in different areas of focus including attachment disorders, trauma due to abuse or neglect, grief and loss, and behavioral issues. We offer services to children who have been adopted domestically or internationally as older children or as infants. While we do see children on an individual basis, most therapies include a component designed to include parents and equip them to deal with their children in a more effective way within the home environment. Our approach is a very holistic and comprehensive one and includes working with schools, physicians, and others who play a significant role in the child’s life.