Pregnancy Counseling

Miriam’s Promise Pregnancy Counseling is choices-based, judgment-free, confidential, and free of charge. We’re here to listen and support you on your pregnancy journey.

We Meet You Where You Are

Miriam’s Promise is here to support you in processing your thoughts and feelings about your unplanned pregnancy. Our promise  is to support you as you make informed decisions about your future and the future of your child. Through our counseling services, we walk alongside you from pre-birth to post-birth to ensure you and your child’s well-being. 

Options for Expectant Parents

You may be overwhelmed with all of the what-ifs. We are dedicated to talking through all options, including parenting your child or making an adoption plan. You are making a loving choice for your child, no matter what you decide.

You’re not alone wondering, “Am I ready to be a parent?” We’re here to listen and discuss your hesitation or what you need to parent your child.

We will work with you to connect you with the resources you need, whether that is rent or food assistance or parenting classes. We will walk along side you from your first session to post-birth, supporting you on your parenting journey. 

Going through the process of creating an adoption plan for your child can be a overwhelming and isolating experience. Our compassionate and experienced counselors will be there to walk with you every step of the way and provide support during this emotionally-challenging time.

You will have the option to select the adoptive family that you feel is the best fit for your child, and you will be able to maintain an open channel of communication with them through Miriam’s Promise or directly with the family.

You can view hopeful adoptive families here.

Pregnancy Counseling Client Stories

You are not alone on this journey. Many pregnant people have reached out and found support in the decisions they made. These stories have been modified to protect the expectant parent’s privacy, including name changes.  Note: some stories contain sensitive topics and begin with a content warning. 


I have always dreamed of being a mother but not right now! I was supposed to get pregnant only after getting married, buying a house,

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content-warning: sexual assault Jessica called us early in her second pregnancy knowing she needed support. She was already the mother to a teenager, and this

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I never thought that it would happen to me.  I thought that I was too responsible and took every precaution.  I guess nothing is fool

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I should have been excited about getting ready to celebrate my 26th birthday, but I had bigger things on my mind. I was trying desperately

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Meet Our Pregnancy Counselors

Lee-Ann Higgins, LMSW

Charlsey Gibson, LMSW

Joanna Torres, MA

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