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"I’m pregnant.
What do I do now?”

There are lots of things you might be feeling right now…confusion, happiness, loneliness, fear. You may be wondering where you’re going to live, where your next meal is coming from. You might be dealing with addiction. You might be parenting other children. Miriam’s Promise exists to help you look at these feelings and situations so you can make decisions about your future and the future of your un-born child.

Though Miriam’s Promise does find children adoptive homes, we are dedicated to talking through all options, including parenting your child and abortion. Our counselors work respectfully and thoughtfully while helping you understand what your options are and how we can best support you, no matter what decision you make.

The first step on any journey can be scary. We try our very best to make it a little less scary. All of our services are free and confidential. Our counselors are ready and willing to listen and be a shoulder to cry on.

You can reach us anytime…day or night by phone (615) 292-3500 (M-F 9am to 4pm), (615) 944-6001 (after hours). If you prefer, you can contact us through this form.

Services for Pregnant People

Free counseling

Our staff offers support and resources, listening to your needs and concerns. We offer pregnancy counseling, pre-adoption counseling, post-adoption counseling and even post-abortion counseling in a nurturing, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Ongoing support

Miriam’s Promise offers support before, during and after the birth of your child, regardless of whether you choose to make an adoption plan or parent yourself.

Open adoption

Miriam’s Promise is committed to full disclosure of information in the adoption process and beyond. This is not a co-parenting agreement; rather, it is the honest exchange of information between you and a potential adoptive family for your child. It is our aim to create trusting and genuine connections for children that last a lifetime.

Birth Parent Stories

You are not alone on this journey. Many pregnant people have reached out and found support in the decisions they made. Read these stories of previous clients.


I have always dreamed of being a mother but not right now! I was supposed to get pregnant only after getting married, buying a house,

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content-warning: sexual assault Jessica called us early in her second pregnancy knowing she needed support. She was already the mother to a teenager, and this

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I never thought that it would happen to me.  I thought that I was too responsible and took every precaution.  I guess nothing is fool

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I should have been excited about getting ready to celebrate my 26th birthday, but I had bigger things on my mind. I was trying desperately

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