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The Importance of Working With A
Licensed Adoption Agency in Tennessee

There are many Tennessee children currently in need of a loving, permanent family and the process of opening one’s home to a child in need can be one of the most significant events in the life of a child and that child’s adoptive parents.

We encourage each prospective adoptive family to research an agency’s itemized fees; accreditation status; licensing status and history; liability insurance, etc. and to please read the contract carefully.

Tennessee’s laws and regulations are in place to help protect both the child and the family (as consumers) but once a legal and binding contract has been signed, the TN Department of Children Services office has very few avenues for corrective action or for assisting a disappointed client seeking redress.

Adoption facilitators or consultants are NOT the same as a licensed agency. Please ensure that the agency you are engaging is licensed to provide adoption-related services within the State of Tennessee.

Many internet-based adoption services are not effectively regulated and only those programs licensed in Tennessee are covered by Tennessee regulations and consumer-protection laws. Only those agencies reflected on the TN Department of Children Services’  list or otherwise confirmed by the DCS  are licensed to work with Tennessee children and families.

Please view the list published by the TN Department of Children Services below or by clicking here

If you have questions about licensing, please reach out to the DCS Division of Licensing here.